Students deserve an education that respects their unique contribution to building our society. They are not seeking an education as a means to get out of Detroit; they see their education as a means to make Detroit a wonderful place to live.
"Today, we need to combine learning with work, political struggle, community service, and even play." - Grace Lee Boggs; Mural by Katie Yamasaki
Community Conversations allow our team to understand the ideas and desires of the community while also giving the community a chance to have a voice in our school's design.
Grace Lee and James Boggs
Who are the teachers and who are the learners?
Since the beginning, families have participated in creating the vision for the Boggs School.
The inaugural Boggs Day - 2013-14 School Year!

Telling Our Story

In case you missed out, here are the links to the Boggs School story created by Zak Rosen (radio) and Andrea Maio (video)!

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Episode 6 (Radio & Video)

Episode 7 (Radio - Final)

Trailer (Video)

Staff Spotlight

Meet Ms. Janelle and Ms. Ammerah!

For September, we are highlighting our two new teachers, Janelle Schaeffer and Ammerah Saidi!  Read more HERE!